Thursday, 20 March 2014

TerrierFest Devon 2014


Anarchy in Hope Cove


On Friday we met up in the pub and then took the dogs for a stroll to Thurlestone.
4.28 km or 2.7 miles
Ascent 142 metres or 465 feet
Unfortunately the Village Inn was shut so we repaired to the Church House at Churchstow.

On the coast path

Pip and Ralph at speed

Using your skill and judgement spot the woman

...she bites ears

Treacle stays aloof from the JRT madness
Enough terriers for the moment.


Bantham to Hope Cove and back via the Village Inn at Thurlestone, open this time!
14.59 km or 9.1 miles
Ascent 436 metres or 1430 feet

We walked to Hope Cove to have a pint or two at the Hope and Anchor. Unhappily the day was marred by an outbreak of ANARCHY.

We got to Hope Cove and could see the pub, unfortunately the coast path was closed due to storm damage for about 10 yards. The diversion was about quarter of a mile which was obviously not to be borne, at least according to the wife.

In contravention of the LAW OF ENGLAND and the dire prognostications of seagulls flying widdershins around us we legged it over the fences at each end.

Survived to take dinner at the Sloop!

Another terrier photo to start the day

Burgh Island

On Thurlestone Golf Course

On Thurlestone Golf Course


Anarchy breaks out in Hope Cove

'Elf and Safety

Abby dips her toes

Back to Bantham

Rob goes to the dogs

Bantham to Kingston and back via the Dolphin Inn
15.42 km or 9.6 miles
Ascent 651 metres or 2135 feet

A lovely day with a lot of up-and-down. We parked in Bigbury and walked the coast path to the Erme estuary where we turned inland to Kingston and the Dolphin Inn.

The award for most artistic roll in a dead seabird was won by Pip.

Smelliest bitch award was also Pip.

The award for catching a dead rabbit was won by Treacle.
Most unhygienic bitch award was also Treacle.

Evening at the Village Inn.

Pip, Treacle and Ralph

From the coast path

The walkers

Burgh Island

Story of the day, down to the beach and back up

Sian & Sheila with Ralph and Treacle

Neil and Gill

Sheila and Dick

Bryan and Sian

Coast path

Burgh Island


Salcombe and home.

Total distance for the weekend:
34.29 km or 21.4 miles
1229 m or 4032 feet of ascent
plus morning dog walks, staggering to pub, etc

'nuf said!