Monday, 25 June 2012

Cornwall - June 2012 - A bit wild in Mullion

A bit wild in Mullion Cove in the morning


Cape Cornwall

First and Last trig point in England

Lands End

Near Coverack

Sculptures on the coast path

Kynance Cove

St Ives

Lelant Mine in the clouds


Gill & Pip on the sea wall
Helford estuary



Gill & Pip at Godolphin House


Coast path near Treen

St Michael's Mount

Pip kills a stick

Mullion Cove
Mullion Cove

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

4th June 2012 - The Crow says "God Bless You, Ma'am!"

When I am Supreme Leader of the Workers' Party and the Leader of the Glorious Revolution I may have to crush the Thrice-Cursed Cabal of Traitors and Puppets in Parliament and Monarchy but in the meantime I went up the Worcester Beacon last night with a bevy of busty beauties, worth a thousand enemy, their chests bursting with patriotic pride, and a few Soldier-Worker Comrades, ardent for the downfall of the Imperialist Puppet Warmonger Clique, to watch the celebrations.

Mrs P with fake ears
Sitting on a hill waiting for something to happen
Still sitting on a hill waiting for something to happen
Someone manages to get the thing alight at last

Monday, 4 June 2012

St Davids May 2012

Bryan, Rob, Andy and Neil went to Bryan's caravan for the weekend. The weather forecast was not great but it turned out not too bad. We met up in Solva, Pip swimming the estuary to greet Abby when she heard her bark from the other side of the river, and had a pint or two at the Harbour Inn before getting provisions in and setting off for a short walk around Whitesands Bay. A few pints in the evening and a takeaway curry rounded the day off.

On Saturday we walked from the caravan around the coast path to Porth Clais and St Non's Chapel, into St Davids, into the Farmers Arms and outside a well deserved drink. About 11.5 miles walked. In the evening we walked to the Farmer's Arms in St Davids for food and drink, especially drink.

Sunday saw the difficult and dangerous assault on the west wall of Carn Llidi. Well it's the biggest thing for miles around and hardly classifies as difficult, dangerous or, indeed, a wall, but it was all we had!

Pip on the beach

Bryan and Rob

Carn Llidi


Whitesands Bay & Carn Llidi

Andy, Rob & Bryan

Gorse near Ramsey Sound

St Non's Chapel (St Davids old mum)

Ramsey Sound

Coast near Porth Clais

Bryan, Andy & Abby

Coastal flowers

Jackdaws at St Davids

St Davids Cathedral

Feed me!

Rob & Pip recover from their exertions

Andy & Abby on Carn Llidi summit

Pip on Carn Llidi

View from the top - Whitesands Bay & Ramsey Island