Wednesday, 7 December 2011

St Davids - November 2011

Bryan, Andy, Rog and Neil went to Whitesands to close the caravan up for the winter.

We stopped off in Solva on Friday and ate at The Harbour Inn and then headed for Whitesands Bay to give the dogs a run. The wind was blowing hard, so hard that great football-sized lumps of foam would blow up the beach to the delight of Pip who chased them for ages.

We walked into St Davids in the evening. On Saturday we walked on the coast path from Whitesands to St Davids (19.96 km - 671 m ascent). A dull sort of a day but fortunately dry. The coast path was nearly deserted, we saw about half a dozen people on our walk.

Whitesands Beach - Friday

Abby and Pip

Andy, Rog and Bryan on the Saturday walk

A seal keeps an eye on us

On Sunday we drove to Newgale and walked from Newgale to Solva. We had to tell Rog that it was a nice flat walk to keep his spirits up (7.77 km - 424 m ascent). It was a lovely sunny day, just right for a walk. We had lunch in St Davids and then headed back to the caravan. Some lolled in a stupor in front of the telly all afternoon while Andy and Neil took the dogs around St Davids Head to do a bit of Geocaching. (8.18 km - 294 m ascent).

Sunset over Ramsey Island

From the coast path

Approaching Solva



Andy, Rog & Bryan


"Look, cuddly toys. Cuddly toys!"
Total for the weekend about 28 miles and 5200 feet of ascent.