Thursday, 29 March 2012

Lynton - March 2012

Andy, Bryan, Rob and Neil (together with Abby & Pip) had a couple of days at Lynton. We walked around the Valley of the Rocks on Friday afternoon:

Andy on Hollerday Hill
Valley of the Rocks from Hollerday Hill

On Saturday we walked from Combe Martin to Heddons Mouth, well okay, more specifically to Hunters Inn (8 miles about 3200 feet of ascent):

Bryan & Andy on the path

Andy adds to the height of Great Hangman

Abby and Pip cool their feet

Nearly the whole walk visible through the haze - Little Hangman, Great Hangman, Holdstone Down, North Cleeve and East Cleeve
On Saturday afternoon we had a stroll around the top of Countisbury Hill and strange to relate ended up in the Blue Ball:

On our way home on Sunday we stopped at Dunkery Beacon, the highest point in Somerset:

Bantham - February 2012

A few photos from our trip to Bantham: