Thursday, 25 October 2012

Pembrokeshire - October 2012 - A couple of strolls along the Coast Path

On Friday we walked from Whitesands to Porthgain - 14.52 km (9.1 miles) with 699 m (2290 ft) ascent.

A lovely day, tee shirt weather in October is always lucky. Plenty of seals about including a couple of pups only a foot or two from the path. Unfortunately Pip spotted them before I did and had to be dragged off in disgrace, not that she got very close, she's got more sense than that.

The prices in the Sloop at Porthgain don't get cheaper but by the time you've walked nine miles you just want a beer.

Bryan, Andy and Dick at the start of the walk
From the coast path

Looking back to Carn Llidi

Coffee break

Seal pup

Close to a geocache on the cliffs. The rest of the party bravely waited on the path while I searched!

Abereiddy Tower

Quarry buildings

Remains near Porthgain

Quarry near Porthgain


On Saturday we walked from Strumble Head to Goodwick - 10.8 km (6.75 miles) with 559 m (1833 ft) ascent.

That bloody lighthouse at Strumble, visible for the whole walk on Friday!

Pip and Abby

More coffee

From the path


Site of the French invasion


Me with Dick lurking in the background. I meant to get Photoshop out...

Andy relaxes with dogs